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VMS RocNet - electronic support system for DDD services

VMS RocNet constitutes an electronic support of pests control system. An innovative solution VMS RocNet provides the VACO clients with an on-line access to full information on current state of facility protection, regardless of the locations and number of facilities subjected for control.

VMS RocNet is a complete technical documentation that is compliant with the requirements of HACCP, GMP, GHP standards and international IFS, BRC, AIB food standards.

Customer Panel

In the VMS RocNet, the client obtains a personalized access to all necessary data. The panel contains the most important contact data to VACO, access to full technical documentation including i.a.: reports, activity trends of pests, certificates, material safety data sheets.

Activity trends

System allows for creation of regular trends of the pests activity. The trends consider a type of pest, and the area and time of its occurrence. As an option there is a possibility to elaborate ad-hoc trends: for any time, for any type of pest. VMS RocNet is an effective management of data on the conducted services. The system generates reports after each service visit.

Visits register

In the VMS RocNet system, the annual schedule of the planned technicians’ visits is available. Visits of the technicians can be viewed with division into: realized, planned, accepted, rejected. Such division improves conducting and management of equipment inspections used for the facility protection.

Sheet of prevention actions

VMS RocNet shares the newest and past recommendations concerning the technical and sanitary state of facility. Post service recommendations are written in the electronic version of the sheet of prevention actions straight after finishing the service visit.

Electronic monitoring

The VMS RocNet system uses bar-code readers. Each device monitoring the presence of pests has its own unique code. Thanks to full automation, the information is available right after finishing the service. The necessity to read the data from each device guarantees data completeness and assurance of proper execution of service.

Technical documentation

VMS RocNet is a set of complete technical documentation in an electronic version. The on-going updates of documents ensure they are always up to date. There are available: facility protection plan, program for protection against pests, certificates authorizing VACO for providing services.

The main advantage of using the VMS RocNet system is completeness and validity of data, complete technical documentation and better control thanks to the possibility to generate trends and analyses.

After logging, in you can find the data concerning pests elimination process in your company and data related to settlements in the Customer Panel.

VMS RocNet supports monitoring thanks to reading information from each device separately with the bar-code reader.

The system uses data from the devices designed by VACO. Thanks to this, the control is even more precise. The trends map the pests activity in a credible manner. The necessity to read the data from each device guarantees completeness of data and proper execution of service.

Thanks to the VMS RocNet, the operation in the pests protection system is fully automatized and is performed faster than the usually provided services. The regularly collected data allow for creation of pests activity trends and their analysis.

The documentation is stored in an electronic version and updated on a real-time basis.

Advantages in comparison to a traditional service:

  • electronic software recording the DDD services,
  • electronic system of pests protection service,
  • improvement of the risk management process in facilities,
  • broadens the knowledge in the sanitary protection level of the protected facilities.

Advantages in comparison to a service without the system:

  • access to reports on operations,
  • communication – access to data,
  • faster information flow; on-line information on the finished service,
  • assurance of a properly performed service,
  • certainty of possessing the most recent documents.
Bezpieczeństwo sanitarne i zarządzanie ryzykiem związane z występowaniem szkodników.

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ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Helpline 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
KRS 0000262000

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