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    Sanitary security is an important factor for your company.

    We provide disinfection, disinsectization and deratization services.
    We manage the risk related to pests occurrence and prevent arising hazards.
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    You run your business responsibly and with care about the environment.

    We manage food waste in a safe way.
    We provide transport and disposal of food waste and products unsuitable for consumption.
  • VMS

    You operate in accordance with norms and law regulations.

    Electronic system VMS RocNet will provide you with an updated technical documentation of the controlled facilities.
    Documentation compliant to HaCCP, IFS/BRC fitted to every food production standards.
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    Safety and hygiene in each home. It’s good to be sure.

Merger of VACO and Rentokil Polska - announcement

We would like to inform you about the merger of the company VACO providing DDD services and Rentokil Polska, which took place on March 1, 2022.

Established in 1925, the Rentokil Initial Group is a leading global company providing services in over 80 countries. It includes the following brands: Rentokil (Disinfection, Disinfestation, Deratisation), Initial (solutions and products in the field of hand, surface and air hygiene) and Ambius (flower arrangements, green arrangements, fragrance and music marketing).

The current intensive process of integration of the VACO and Rentokil Polska companies will ensure the continuity of the services provided, and in the near future, offer access to new technological and product solutions.

The combination of VACO's key competences and local knowledge of the market, enriched by Rentokil's global experience and knowledge, will result in an increase in the quality and scope of services provided.

All company data, such as: NIP, KRS, bank account number, telephone numbers, registered office and warehouse addresses remain unchanged.

We are convinced that the integration process of both companies will bring our clients many benefits and provide new development opportunities.

Pest control services

We conduct rodent monitoring based on pest control systems adapted to the specificity of the plant. If necessary, we carry out deratization treatments to eliminate rodents.

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We provide professional, fully safe for humans, disinsection services. This process is carried out in warehouses, grocery stores, and offices to exterminate harmful insects.

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Specialist disinfection services

We offer specialized disinfection of office, warehouse and production rooms. Treatments after contact with COVID-19 are performed with an effective preparation, in line with WHO recommendations.

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What distinguishes VACO?

20 years of experience

14 000 facilities

200 employees

Risk management

We cope with risk management in business. We reduce infrastructure loss, eliminate situations related to damage and contamination of food products, protect companies from reputation loss and provide knowledge and solutions that enable actions compliant with requirements and law regulations.
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Agricultural market

Risk management is one of the most important factors affecting the effectiveness and profitability of agricultural production.

We reduce the risks related to crops pollution and losses during storage.

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Food industry

During the food production processes, the throughout control is necessary. The consumers expect healthy and safe food that does not cause infection or food poisoning.

We prevent and protect companies from pests in accordance with: HACCP, AIB International, ISO 22000, TAPA, Food Safety System Certification 22000.

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Trading networks

Food in which pests causing its change are found cannot be allowed for trade. We operate in accordance with standards of e.g. BRC, IFS, Marks&Spencer, TESCO.

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Modern industrial plants function on the basis of smart machines.

In the industrial plants, we reduce the risk of operation continuity loss related to damages to machines and IT and electrical networks infrastructure.

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Pharmaceutical companies

Maintaining the sanitary discipline and microbiological cleanness guarantees high quality medicines and cosmetics.

We manage the risk related to micro-organisms occurrence in the production area. We conduct an effective disinfection that ensures a proper production quality.

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Cleanness in restaurants is as important as the taste of dishes and service quality.

We protect warehouse and production premises from insects and rodents in accordance with HACCP norms and regulations.

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VACO provides its clients with sanitary, economic and reputation related safety. We observe the rules of full partnership towards clients, suppliers and employees. We create a friendly and competent team which allows us to continuously enhance the participation in the served market.

Free expertise

Does the word AUDIT remind you of control and stress? What if you met a specialist who would check the condition of your company protection and present prevention measures? What if you got a reliable report concerning the condition of the protected facility as a result of the expertise?

The compiled report will allow for identification of effectiveness and performance of the current service. Your good reputation is important to us. Sanitary protection of your company in accordance with regulation and system requirements is our priority.

Safe waste management

All food and animal waste require an appropriate management and disposal. VACO collects products that are expired or unsuitable for consumption.

We transport and dispose of the waste from mass caterers and category 3 ABPs. We chose methods that are safe for the environment and human health. We issue documents confirming the waste collection that are required by law.


VACO activities are implemented and realized on the basis of Integrated System for Quality Management. We possess implemented and maintained ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certificates.

In 2016, we received a certificate compliant to the norm EN 16636:2015 that confirms the highest standard of deratization, disinfection and disinsectization services.

We actively cooperate with our clients and present them appropriate methods of ensuring proper sanitary and technical condition of production facilities according to the Codex Alimentarius guidelines.

High-class specialists from VACO Quality Department provide clients with substantive support and help in legal issues.

Modern technology – VMS RocNet system

VMS RocNet is a proprietary system of VACO. VMS RocNet constitutes an electronic support of the protection from pests services.

VMS RocNet includes:

  • On-line access to full information concerning the facility safety state and the most important contact data to VACO.
  • Electronic monitoring of information by reading bar-codes is available for all devices for pests monitoring and capture.
  • Complete Program for Pests Control. Constantly updated technical documentation, compliant with the law regulations. Available in an electronic version.
  • Reporting thanks to data collected on an ongoing basis. The system allows for creation of regular trends of the pests’ activity, considering the pest type, and the area and time of occurrence.

Disinfection, disinsection, deratization - VACO

Bezpieczeństwo sanitarne i zarządzanie ryzykiem związane z występowaniem szkodników.

ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Infolinia 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
KRS 0000262000

ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Helpline 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
KRS 0000262000

KRS 0000262000, Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia - Fabrycznej VI Wydział Gospodarczy, kapitał zakładowy wpłacony w całości: 470 000 zł, NIP 894 14 42 800

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VACO sp. z o.o
Private share company, registered in the District Court of Wrocław - Fabryczna, VI Commercial Department,
Registration No. (KRS): 0000262000 , Tax ID (NIP): 894-14-42-800, The share capital: 470 000,00 PLN, fully paid up.

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