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SCS - control of factors influencing production quality. SMS and e-mail notifications.

Air quality

What data is SCS system monitoring?

Customers' needs to maintain the highest safety and production quality standards are increasing. Full protection of facilities and risk reduction requires monitoring of many factors, including the presence of pests.

SCS is a complete system for remote monitoring of parameters and processes taking place in facilities where production conditions and "weather" conditions are strictly defined.

The SCS system is designed for facilities where it is crucial to maintain proper environmental parameters related to production, such as: temperature, humidity, pressure, vibrations, air quality. The system collects data from sensors and when they deviate from the expected parameters it immediately sends SMS and e-mail notifications.

The SCS uses radio waves for data transfer. It is autonomous and its installation does not require any interference with the existing infrastructure or sharing Wi-Fi networks. It can also be installed in vehicles - cold-storage facilities - to monitor temperature.

Main qualities of the SCS

  • Autonomous
  • Wireless
  • Uses radio waves
  • Scalable
  • Effective and efficient
  • Simple to configuration
  • Constant monitoring
  • Automates the process
  • Cloud data
  • Resistant to damage

Wireless communication and the development of IoT have greatly influenced VACO's state-of-the-art Sensor Collecting System project.

Using technology, data and knowledge together is the key to ensuring the appropriate conditions for safe production. The product quality results from technological processes taking place in appropriate environmental parameters.

What main modules does the SCS system provide?

e-TRAP - instant information about capturing a rodent.

The e-TRAP module allows to monitor the rodents' presence in facilities on a continuous basis. e-TRAP - a non-lethal trap with notification is a confidence that the capture of a rodent will immediately trigger an alarm.

e-TH constant control of temperature and humidity - as intended.

The e-TH module collects data from sensors measuring temperature and humidity. Each time the set parameters are exceeded up or down, an SMS and an e-mail with notification will be sent.

SENSORS - ongoing control of any set parameters.

SENSORS monitors various parameters and processes. It uses different types of sensors. It facilitates the management of technical automatics and maintenance of parameters at the assumed level.

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More about SCS from VACO.

Modern solutions based on IoT allow to build intelligent systems that monitor facilities and control their security status in a continuous mode.

Many years of experience in pest monitoring, knowledge of regulations and increased knowledge of production safety have made it possible to develop a SCS system.

SCS is a comprehensive solution that gives a full picture of the facility. It shows on an ongoing basis exceedances of parameters important in production processes and the state of protection against pests.

e-TRAP - an innovative solution that uses a specially designed trap with a notification module.

e-TRAP - an innovative solution that uses a specially designed trap with a notification module.

On-going control in specially designed non-lethal catchers ensures that any capture of a rodent will trigger an instant notification to the customer and VACO.
The e-TRAP solution provides information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The change in the technology of the service provided significantly increases its quality, allowing for constant control of rodent activity inside the facility in exchange for controls performed on a weekly or monthly basis.

How does e-TRAP work? Watch the animation.

The advantages of e- TRAP:

  • Scalable - can be adapted to facilities of different sizes.
  • Simple to set up - consists of traps, base station and an application.
  • 24 h/7 day monitoring - immediate pest information, instant response.
  • Automates the process - networked devices replace human work.
  • Data available in the cloud - access to current data from anywhere.
  • Efficient - allows repeatedly capturing pests.
  • Damage resistant such as: weather conditions, mechanical damages.

What is the advantage of e-TRAP over the traditional service?

Until now, the rodent monitoring service has been based on traditional catchers, which required systematic control. Customer's employees or VACO Technicians were responsible for checking all traps that were in the facility. In case of complex systems, such inspection took significant time. The fact that it took place according to the schedule delayed the information about the appearance of the rodent.

e-TRAP has its own control system. Besides pest control, the system checks the condition and readiness of all catchers in the facility. Mechanical destruction of any of the pickers, exhaustion of the battery, causes "disappearance" of the device signal in the system. The event activates a notification sent to the Employee’s Customer and the VACO.

The e-TRAP system is a groundbreaking solution for all companies which cannot afford downtime caused by the presence of rodents and the necessity to perform unplanned deratization services.
Bezpieczeństwo sanitarne i zarządzanie ryzykiem związane z występowaniem szkodników.

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