Risk assessment and continuous monitoring of hazards caused by pests.

Free expertise, Preliminary Audit

The standards elaborated by VACO are logically coherent and compatible with the requirements of all inspection and audit entities.

Occurrence of pests involves serious threats for human life and loss for food industry and economy.

We apply prevention measures based on hygiene and on the assumptions of Good Manufacturing Practice. The VACO specialists compile an individual Pests Control Program for each facility.

How does VACO operate?

In order to elaborate an individual Pests Control Program, VACO conducts a free expertise of sanitary protections against pests. Preliminary expertise is prepared by the employees having the highest qualification level.

Within an organized and independent research, we perform a situation assessment in a particular facility. We define the level of hazard by the pests, specify the type and number of devices required for protection of the facility and chose measures and methods that guarantee an effective pests control.

Having analysed the collected data and assessment of the situation, our specialists elaborate an individual Pests Control Program.

The main purpose of VACO consists in preventing pests from access to the controlled facilities through limitation of conditions that can appear to be favourable for their living and development.

Pests control program

Pests Control Program monitors the activity and specifies the occurrence area of pests.

Pests Control Program is a set of all prevention operation principles and rules and pests control.

Monitoring system of pests occurrence that is installed by VACO in a particular facility collects data on an ongoing basis that are analysed by specialists (e.g. facility structure, infrastructure change or even the change of operation profile).

Based on this, the protection system of VACO is modified and adjusted to the current hazards and client’s needs. Pests control and monitoring systems VACO are consistent with the assumptions of systems and quality standards in industry.

Audits performed by the VACO Quality Department

Analiza szkodników

Pests analysis

Audyt biologa

Biologists audit

DDD services audit

Polski Instytut Bezpieczeństwa Żywności

Cooperation with the Polish Institute for food safety.

The Institute supports sanitary safety in food production plants and companies cooperating with the food industry.
The Polish Institute for food safety helps in solving problems and reaching the highest standards of food safety.
Bezpieczeństwo sanitarne i zarządzanie ryzykiem związane z występowaniem szkodników.

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ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Helpline 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
KRS 0000262000

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