The Quality Department at VACO provides its business partners with effectiveness and consistently high standards of services concerning protection of facilities against pests.

The Quality Department at VACO

It has a wide knowledge on the current standards, legal acts and corporate requirements concerning monitoring and control procedures of pests and creation and operation of systems for protection against pests.

The Quality Department performs expertise regarding the state of protections, operating procedures, emergency plans and level of risk of pests. It conducts analyses of pests and audits of field biologist.

Thanks to the operations of the Quality Department, VACO provides full substantive, formal and legal support to its clients.

We assess the technician’s work and the service performance.

All VACO technicians are subjected to internal audit by the Quality Department. The assessment includes compliance of each facility with the VACO proception standard and standards applicable at the client’s. The compliance of protections system with plan, correctness of equipment marking and their fixation, quality of the used preparation, equipment cleanness and effectiveness of undertaken actions is also verified.

After the finished audit, the report and technician’s evaluation according to the adopted score are prepared. The facilities are assessed in terms of pests proofing.

The result of an audit is a report with photographic documentation, description of situation, proposal of changes and recommendations for the client. Clients operating in a multi-branch structure receive quality reports with an information about the pests activity in every branches of a particular network.

We supervise the effectiveness of interventions

Each intervention at the client’s is analysed in terms of effectiveness. Regular reports of actions undertaken during an intervention are drawn up. Correctness of chosen substances and effectiveness of applied solutions are assessed. Comparative diagrams are created. Precise data analysis allows to reduce the amount of interventions and improve the quality of services. Since 2016, we have been operating on data collected in an electronic way in the VMS RocNet system.

The audits aim at standardization of the technicians’ work and guarantee our clients the highest quality of service.

We supervise correctness and validity of documentation.

We take care of correctness of documentation of the facilities protected by VACO. We update documentation in case of amendments in regulations and organizational changes in Company. Thanks to electronic system VMS RocNet, the documentation update is conducted swiftly and smoothly.

Our knowledge is drawn from the best foreign and domestic specialists in the fields of biology and pests control. We cooperate with numerous research centres.

We improve our qualifications

The purpose of VACO is to spread the knowledge concerning hygiene and sanitary safety in the food industry plants. We have compiled a set of trainings for our clients’ employees. We provide trainings in the scope of protection of facilities against pests, systems and standards depending on an industry in which the client operates.

We have established an e-learning platform. Thanks to it, our clients can carry out trainings on their own, without the necessity to leave their offices. On the e-learning platform, knowledge tests after each course are also available. Every month we send our clients the Professionals’ Academy. It is a series of articles on pests that occur in different industries plants with instructions on how the prevention measures should be applied and how to eliminate the dangers caused by pests.

We also take care of spreading the knowledge in the VACO team. We conduct implementation trainings for our new employees. Several times a year, we conduct refresher trainings for employees with a longer period of service, and monthly e-learning trainings. The knowledge of our employees translates into the correctness and high quality of operations in the clients’ facilities.

We search for new technologies

We constantly monitor the European markets in the scope of new technologies applied in services. We look for innovative solutions that allow to improve our services.

We take care of customers’ satisfaction

We have elaborated a complaint procedure. The aim of the procedure is to ensure that the proceeding with appeals and complaints will be conducted in a way that is clear for the client. This will allow to properly know the causes of notifications and undertake appropriate correcting or preventing actions. We regularly check our customers’ satisfaction with the level of the service provided.

Bezpieczeństwo sanitarne i zarządzanie ryzykiem związane z występowaniem szkodników.

ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Infolinia 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
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ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Helpline 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
KRS 0000262000

KRS 0000262000, Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia - Fabrycznej VI Wydział Gospodarczy, kapitał zakładowy wpłacony w całości: 470 000 zł, NIP 894 14 42 800

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