Safety and hygiene in each home.
It’s good to be sure.

Eliminowanie drobnoustrojów

Cooperation offer for dealers.

We offer high quality products for personal protection. The offer is addressed to companies that distribute gardening, chemical, cosmetic products and to diversified industrial retailers.

We offer flexible logistics, marketing and sales support and attractive commissions.

Trade policy of VACO is clear, stable and protects the distributor’s interests. You will receive an individually tailored cooperation offer.

Cooperation offer for shops

You run a shop and want to extend the existing assortment?

We offer modern and effective products providing protection against flying, running and crawling pests. We provide sales and marketing support. We provide freestanding display stands free of charge.

We offer cooperation with a chosen distributor and the possibility the do on-line shopping via dedicated B2B platform.

VACO B2B platform is a source of information on our products and novelties for VACO partners.

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Eliminowanie drobnoustrojów

Professional market support

We possess a comprehensive offer of professional equipment and preparations for companies providing DDD services.

Agricultural market

We have a wide assortment of products for protection of farmsteads against pests. Our offer includes products for prevention and pests control.

Our bioactivator for waste-water treatment units and septic tanks supports appropriate operation of septic tanks and composters and other tanks for agricultural waste.

zabieg dezynfekcji
Bezpieczeństwo sanitarne i zarządzanie ryzykiem związane z występowaniem szkodników.


About VACO



ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Infolinia 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
KRS 0000262000

ul. Dąbrowskiego 44
50-457 Wrocław

Helpline 801 801 570

NIP 894-14-42-800
KRS 0000262000

KRS 0000262000, Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia - Fabrycznej VI Wydział Gospodarczy, kapitał zakładowy wpłacony w całości: 470 000 zł, NIP 894 14 42 800

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VACO sp. z o.o
Private share company, registered in the District Court of Wrocław - Fabryczna, VI Commercial Department,
Registration No. (KRS): 0000262000 , Tax ID (NIP): 894-14-42-800, The share capital: 470 000,00 PLN, fully paid up.

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